Effective Collaboration Training

Sep 30,2017 09:00:am - Oct 01,2017 05:00:pm
Tampa Friends Meeting House, 1502 West Sligh Ave., Tampa, Fl 33604 (US)

Two Day Training - Learning how to work more effectively together is perhaps the most important investment you can make! Don Hall is a skilled facilitator and certified trainer with more than 15 years experience as a social activist and community organizer

Over the course of two days, you will learn, discuss, and practice how to:

•  Set ground rules that help foster a healthy group culture

• Clarify and develop shared purpose and direction

• Communicate in a way that invites deeper collaboration

• Transform conflicts into opportunities for growth

• Run efficient, inclusive, and enjoyable meetings

• Choose among a variety of decisionmaking strategies

• Cultivate a team that functions like a mature ecosystem

• Sustain member motivation and involvement over time

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Bystander Training

Oct 14,2017 10:00:am - 01:30:pm
Unity of Tampa, 3302 West Horatio St., Tampa (US)

Bystander Training -- Half Day Training

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

• explore and share experiences, feelings, thoughts and actions involved in being an bystander ally

• become more adept at assessing possible outcomes, choosing when to personally intervene and when to call for help

• observe Living Mirror Playback Theater enact commonplace bystander encounters

• consider a broader perspective and range of roles that upstanders can take to make a difference in a situation

• practice some ways to become empowered and creatively engaged as upstanders

• leave with a deeper understanding of many ways to practice pro-social pro-justice behaviors

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